Adventures at Green Apple Acres Book Series

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Ideal for ages 8 to 12, but younger children will also enjoy.

Welcoming New Author

Krista Snyder

Basil’s Blessings

My Special Day with God

Award-Winning Author

Christie Miller

The Girl Behind the Door

Winner of the Christian Author Awards

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Reader Response


Last evening I read the first story of your book, Shiloh and the Barn Mouse to my daughter, Olivia. She loved the story so much that last night she went to sleep hugging the book. This morning when I left for work she was paging through it with her friend. She was so happy and excited! We will start reading the other stories this weekend. This is Olivia’s most favorite book EVER!end-quote

Angie Forry, and daughter, Olivia, age 5,
Lebanon, PA


 Maddie loves Adventures at Green Apple Acres—she has already read the first three stories. I asked her which story was her favorite and she said ‘I can’t decide because they are all so good’. She is excited to read the next story with me.end-quote

The Kohr Family:
Todd, Kathy, Maddie and Garrett Kohr, Palmyra, PA


We love your book! My granddaughter, 2nd grade, did a book report on the first story on Monday!end-quote

Toni Little, and Gabriela (Brie) Nicole,
granddaughter age 8
Fairfax, VA


Wolfie the Most Beautiful Pony in the World was my favorite in Adventures At Green Apple Acres because I strive to see the inner beauty in people and other beings. As an example, my favorite dogs have always been mutts—not classically built, with features that can be easily judged, like purebreds at shows, but scruffy, one-of-a-kind companions, with personalities as unique as their outward appearances. And when I was in school, I avoided the cliques of girls who seemed overly concerned with their looks and clothing. Instead, I gravitated toward those who may not have been perfect on the outside, but they had a brain and a sense of humor, which I found much more interesting than a pretty dress or impeccable make-up and hair. So, like John, I can appreciate someone for all they have to offer, and see past what meets the eye.end-quote

Kim McLain, Camp Hill, PA


We enjoyed meeting you at the Horse World Expo and what you said to Ryan has stayed with him. He just recently used your book as his main focus for his oral presentation at school. We have read your entire book as a family and absolutely love the moral messages behind each story. What a gift you have!end-quote

Nancy and Frank Shay,
and children, Ryan and Sara Rappoport,
Stanhope, NJ


My great niece, Gianna, loves animals and I knew the Adventures at Green Apple Acres book series would be a wonderful Christmas gift for her, so I purchased all three books. Gianna read the stories in all three books and enjoyed all of the adventures of the farm animals. To add to the excitement, I arranged a visit to Cynthia’s farm for Gianna and me. Gianna got to meet Shiloh! Those two bonded like they knew each other forever! We could tell in Gianna’s eyes during our visit that she was on top of the world! Many of the animals at Cynthia’s farm are in the stories of her books. Thank you, Cynthia, for writing these stories. The stories not only give children an opportunity to escape into another world, but also, they teach life lessons. Gianna and I are looking forward to future books and more adventures for the animals on the farm!end-quote

Maria R. English, Hershey, PA


We have been fortunate to be one of the first to purchase each of the Adventures at Green Apple Acres books, as soon as they are published, for our five year old grandson, Blake. After reading the stories to Blake, who loves animals, we were invited by Miss Cynthia to visit her farm and meet Shiloh and the other farm animals in the books. Being able to interact with the horses and the other animals on the farm brought to life the stories in the books for him. It is an adventure he talks about every time we see a horse or a stray cat in our travels. We look forward to future books in the series.end-quote

Maronetta and Michael Miller,
Camp Hill, PA


I read Book One and Book Two and loved all the animals and how they talked to each other. I especially liked Shiloh in the first book because I was able to meet the real Shiloh and feed him at Miss Cynthia’s farm. I also like to draw and really liked the pictures in the book. I want to be an artist when I grow up.end-quote

Connor Bates, age 9, Camp Hill, PA


Recently I took the opportunity to read the first story of Book One, Shiloh and the Barn Mouse. I thought I would read it first before reading it to my granddaughters. That story was heartwarming and very touching. It also had me thinking about the times I get scared, and how I felt and still feel at times. I thought it was an excellent story of confidence. That little Loco sure knew a big amount about confidence.end-quote

Paul “Pappy” Pintarch, Hummelstown, PA