A Miracle Named Josefina, the Miniature Donkey Born to be Loved


Journey with Josefina, the miniature donkey, as she first struggles for life, then slowly recovers, embracing a vibrant zest for living! Discover the loving care needed to ensure Josefina’s survival and then her antics and personality as she grows into a healthy young jennet! This is a story lovingly told by her owner, author Pattie Longenecker, through stunning watercolor illustrations and warm-hearted text. Both an art book and a love story, the life journey of a jennet donkey who was born to be loved.

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  • Touching story of Josefina’s struggle for life…and, her survival
  • Beautiful watercolor illustrations
  • Donkey Doodles…about donkeys and their care
  • Fraktur art highlights
  • Photographs of Josefina’s young years



Pattie-Longenecker-&-JosefinaPattie’s life story reads like a colorful multi-patterned Lancaster County patchwork quilt. Her roots go back ten generations in the fertile farming soil of the Bainbridge-Falmouth area of Pennsylvania. Pattie and her husband, John, built Berry Patch Farm, near Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, a homestead on which they raised their children, Brad and Beth. They grew many crops and raised several varieties of poultry. Pattie and John are dedicated to practicing environmental awareness and stewardship of the land. Pattie’s careers have included elementary school teacher, floral designer of Berry Patch Originals, and most recently hospital volunteer coordinator. She has found immense satisfaction and inspiration from photographing nature through the seasons, like the photos in this book. Pattie always finds endless possibilities when people come together and share life’s journey with a common vision to see and discover the best in each other.


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8 to 12, younger children also enjoy the stories and beautiful illustrations. Great for reading, learning and gift giving!