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Cynthia A. Sudor has a wealth of experience from many years in the marketing business, in management and on executive staffs. She is a successful marketing business entrepreneur, author of award-winning children’s books, publisher of award-winning books for other authors, and owner of an 18-acre farm with Arabian horses. In her presentations Cynthia shares anecdotes, tales and life lessons, all true, some of them funny, some of them unusual…all of them unique!


Speaker at International Conventions, Annual Conferences, Forums and Symposiums, Schools…and more!

Presented with the Best Seminar Award by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Annual Conference, Dallas, TX. Children’s book, “Adventures at Green Apple Acres”, Book One, received the Literacy Select, Children’s Book Award from Executive Women International (EWI) for their Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX, 2012, and the same award for the second time, for Book Two, in San Diego, CA, 2013…first time ever an author has received this award twice.


The Loopy Path of Life

Your Expressway to Opportunity

Think you missed out when you didn’t get what you wanted at some stage of your career (or personal life}? Think again, with a new perspective! When something you want doesn’t work out, don’t sit back and lay low. Instead shake yourself up, expand and use what you learned to achieve and receive something even better. Don’t crumple and fall…stumble and prevail!

      • Your greatest treasures and discoveries, including gaining strength of character, could be in what you DID NOT receive even when you thought you really (really, really, really!) wanted it…or wanted to keep it in your life.
      • Stay positive, move forward…turn disappointment into opportunity.
      • And more!

Awaken the Author Within

Achieving Your Dreams

Reflecting on her own author journey, as well as the dreams that others share with her about making their dreams come true and even becoming an author themselves someday, Cynthia discovered that this journey was about more than just becoming an author. Achieving this goal took insight, skills and the stamina that she learned from her life experiences, both professional and personal. What does it take to succeed in any venture, and what is holding you back?

      • Never hope harder than you work.
      • Build a marketing/planning approach into your book…and, your life!
      • And more!

Horse Sense

Nature’s Leadership and Life Lessons

Animals and nature can teach us amazing leadership and life lessons…all we have to do is take the time to observe this pure and honest form of communication, using “their own unique language.” Establishing harmony is critical to survival in all forms of nature. Learn from species older than mankind…these principles can be applied to human experiences, too…with great success!

      • “My name is WHOA, DAMMIT, what’s yours?” two horses talking to each other…negative thoughts, words and actions will eventually make you think they are true.
      • Actions Speak Louder than Words…Especially When You are Riding a Runaway Horse, or Living a Runaway Life…prepare for crisis in advance.
      • And more!

Achieving Your Dreams

Student Assemblies & Youth Group Presentations

A 35-minute PowerPoint presentation that encourages young people to have dreams and achieve their goals. Using Cynthia’s own life as an example, this presentation addresses hard work, overcoming fear, finding your own unique path in life and having the courage to embrace it.

      • You can be anything you want to be! DREAM BIG! I DID!
      • Imagination! An important ingredient in succeeding in anything in life…and in achieving your dreams.
      • Learn the process of putting a book together…who is involved, what does it take?
      • How does putting a book together relate to any successful effort?
      • And more!

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), variety of seminar and panel topics including marketing, publicity, entertainment. Recipient of the Best Seminar Award, Annual Conference, Dallas, TX
  • Marketing Roundtable to discuss Destination Marketing for 13 television stations owned by Gillett Broadcasting, Beaver Creek, CO
  • American Marketing Association (AMA), Baltimore, MD, Destination Marketing
  • Annual Conference, Women in Communications (WICI, Inc.), Annapolis, MD
  • Annual Conference, Pennsylvania Wine Association, Harrisburg, PA
  • Annual Conference, Goodwill Industries, state of Pennsylvania, State College, PA
  • Executive Women International (EWI), Washington, D.C., “The Author Journey & Other Life Lessons”
  • “Women’s History Month”, WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) Luncheon Speaker, Philadelphia
  • CPAFE (Central Pennsylvania Association of Female Executives), “Awaken the Author Within You”, meeting speaker
  • “Negotiating Nuggets”, Talkabout, Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)
  • Carlisle Events, Carlisle, PA, Corporate Sponsorship Seminar
  • Business Expo, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, “Developing Effective
  • Business Marketing Materials”
  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), PA, Publicity, Harrisburg, PA
  • Elementary and early Middle School, Student Assembly Presentations, multiple schools

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