Testimonials from Our AUTHORS

Positive feedback, professional advice, and a finished product that far exceeded my expectations.

begin-quoteAs publisher of my first book, Louise on the Lam, A Foster Mom’s Tale of Love, Rescue and a Tail on the Loose, Cynthia A. Sudor, owner of CARACYN Publishing, provided positive feedback, gave professional advice, and supervised the steps in the overall process. She encouraged rather than criticized, and always suggested improvements in a non-threatening manner. Her responses were prompt and receptive. She displayed proficiency not only in the editing and writing aspect of the project, but in managing the marketing materials as well. As we went through the book’s development, I relied on Cynthia’s skills and guidance as decisions were to be made.

Cynthia was a delight to work with. She describes herself as a “workaholic”— she can get down to business but do so in a cordial and affable mode. Competent in the many aspects of publication, she shared her knowledge of promoting and advertising the book in our final stages of collaboration. I feel that she took me under her wing and wanted only the best outcome. I will truly treasure our partnership. She made my dream come true.

Her vision for my finished product far exceeded my expectations. Cynthia orchestrated a team of talented individuals — a photographer, illustrator, editor, graphic artist, and a printer who added their expertise in the completion of my book. Many people have commented on its quality and outstanding appearance. Louise on the Lam is an accomplishment in life I can be proud of, and Cynthia Sudor was instrumental in making that happen!end-quote

Sharon Cree, author, Louise on the Lam, A Foster Mom’s Tale of Love, Rescue and a Tail on the Loose

A firm but fair mentor, more concerned with my success than her own recognition.


As a fledgling author, writing and preparing my first book for publication, I found myself reliving childhood days back in the classroom…and my “schoolmarm” is Cynthia Sudor. From her first manuscript critique, (“You’re a good writer, but you’re not an author.”) I knew I was in for an education and an adventure. Such has been the case, and with excellence as the standard, I am continuing to learn the art of writing through our evolving student/teacher relationship.

Cynthia has obtained a wealth of information throughout her stellar career in marketing, promotion, and as an accomplished and successful author of children’s books. She is not hesitant to pass this knowledge on to me, and does so in a self-effacing manner, more concerned with my success than her own recognition. Not only has Cynthia been able to arm me with foundational principles of the craft, but she regularly shares “trade secrets” learned during her own tenure as an author, to help shorten the learning curve and to avoid mistakes and pitfalls which might stifle creativity or disrupt timelines during the writing process. She has taken on a role of advocate, choosing to educate herself, through my writing, about a subject with which she was formerly unfamiliar. And, as a visionary, Cynthia was able to help expand my thinking, so that the finished work will appeal to the broadest and most diverse audience possible.

A firm but fair mentor, Cynthia expresses her thoughts and preferences to me without apology, as the writing and publishing process continued to unfold. But, at the same time, I had confidence and assurance in knowing that I, as author and creator of the manuscript, have the final say as thoughts or questions arise.

Thanks to her tutelage, writing and publishing my book has been an exciting, rewarding experience. As an author with an important story to tell, there is no one I would rather have had guiding and directing me on this journey than Cynthia Sudor.end-quote

Pete Einstein, author, The Inmate Within, Prison Ministry, A Haven of Hope

She insisted on the importance of my owning the rights to my book.


Working with Cynthia was a wonderful experience! As a new author, I had NO IDEA the sheer number of things I didn’t know about the publishing process. Cynthia walked me through every step of the way—from critical and encouraging comments on my manuscript to the book release launch event! She insisted on the importance of my owning the rights to my story and my book (which I am so grateful for now as I am adapting it into a film!). I was able to be a part of every decision for my book as she advised me on illustrators, editors, book sizes, printing, and decisions that would add value to my book. My dream of becoming a published author happened because of Cynthia and her expertise. I am very thankful for her and CARACYN publishing! If you are dreaming of becoming an author and would love to see your book in print and published but don’t know where to start, Cynthia is a qualified mentor and publisher! She will get you there!end-quote

Christie Miller, author, The Girl Behind the Door selected as the FIRST PLACE winner of the National Christian Author Award Contest, 2018

My book project has been an overwhelming success, largely due to Cynthia’s expert advice.


I am honored to have worked with author and publisher Cynthia  Sudor, CARACYN Publishing. Cynthia guided me through the process of writing and publishing my first nonfiction book, A Miracle Named Josefina, The Miniature Donkey Born to be Loved. Her editing suggestions and our joint decision making through every step of the process led to a quality finished and marketable product. My book project has been an overwhelming success, largely due to Cynthia’s expert advice.end-quote

Patricia J. Longenecker, author, A Miracle Named Josefina, The Miniature Donkey Born to be Loved

She believed in me, refusing to accept less than what she instinctively knew I was capable of accomplishing.


Sometimes believing in the yourself and the process is a challenge! I remember that first meeting with CARACYN Publishing’s Cynthia Sudor. The hour long drive to the restaurant only served to make me sure that I would never be able to eat one bite at this initial luncheon meeting. Cynthia changed all that. Her professionalism, compassion and knowledge stood out that day as she moved me from a horse owner with a story, to a beginning author with a message of dreams fulfilled and destiny realized! My book was always personal to me. Cynthia and CARACYN Publishing embraced my book, A Horse in Blue Eli, Call to Duty, with that same passion and purpose.

Cynthia guided me through the process of publishing a children’s picture book. She believed in me, refusing to accept less than what she instinctively knew I was capable of accomplishing. Like my real life police horse, Eli, she encouraged me to believe I was ‘born for adventurous hero stuff!’ Her contacts in the publishing arena, from illustrators to graphic designers, made my book a success.

I am blessed to be counted as part of the CARACYN Publishing family. The challenge of becoming a published author is real. The journey with CARACYN Publishing, one step at a time, is attainable, rewarding and worth the challenge! I am grateful for the efforts of Cynthia Sudor and CARACYN Publishing. I look forward to our next project!end-quote

Robin Spect Stoner, author, A Horse in Blue, Eli, A Call to Duty

Cynthia was wonderful in guiding me through each step of the publishing process.


What an incredible journey that I have taken with my book project, Basil’s Blessing, My Special Day with God! Over 20 years ago, on a Friday night, in my PJs, the first draft of this children’s story was penned on paper. Over the years, this story has been written and rewritten many times based on my religious education teaching experiences and through my prayers to God. I prayed for years for divine connections and for God to put the right people in my life to help me with this project to get my book published in a professional and quality way to bring a positive message about God to young children. My prayers were answered when I found Cynthia A. Sudor, CARACYN Publishing and her talented and creative publishing team.

Cynthia was wonderful in guiding me through each step of the publishing process…from the rewrites, to rounds of edits, to the illustration ideas and through the selection and printing of marketing materials, Cynthia makes sure that her authors are involved in each decision and prepared for the greatest marketing success when the book is released to the public. Her patience, knowledge, experience, encouragement and expertise shined through with each step of this process. Because of her dedication, a beautiful quality book was the end result. I am over the moon happy with my book and I can’t thank Cynthia and her publishing team enough for helping me to make my dream become a reality.end-quote

Krista Snyder, author, Basil’s Blessings, My Special Day with God

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