A Horse in Blue
Eli, A Call to Duty


This is a delightful tale of a horse named Eli who just knew he was born for “adventurous hero stuff!” Follow Eli’s journey from a farm named Alanleigh to his future as a police horse in the mounted patrol. Discover the answer to the question “what’s a great big horse to do?” Robin and her husband, Bob, donated Eli to the Pennsylvania State Police Mounted Patrol…this is the beginning of Eli’s life story! Dream big! Never give up!


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Robin Leigh has always been a storyteller. Whether it’s in a group gathered around a blazing campfire or sitting at dinner with friends, Robin Leigh always has a story. Her imagination and unique perspective on everyday events regularly attract a crowd. People of all ages enjoy listening to her delightful tales!

Robin Leigh’s first book, A Horse in Blue, Eli, A Call to Duty draws from the real life experiences of a Friesian Sport Horse named, Eli, as he attempts to find a life to call his own. Eli is a real horse owned by Robin Leigh and her husband, Bob, who was donated by them to the Pennsylvania State Police, becoming a real “Horse in Blue”.

Robin Leigh is a real estate broker with an educational background in nursing. She has been an animal lover since birth. Robin Leigh has enjoyed national success in the dog show ring with her Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and loves trail riding on her horses. Her life is one big adventure and now she is bringing Eli’s stories to young children, inspiring them to dream big and never give up!

Coming soon will be two more books written by Robin Leigh about Eli and his police adventures, A Horse in Blue, Eli, At Your Service and A Horse in Blue, Eli, Coming Home. Robin Leigh has more book ideas in mind for the future….she always has a story to tell, and she delights in sharing these stories with you. Robin Leigh and her husband Bob, along with all the “dogs and cats and rabbits and horses big and tall” live on Alanleigh Farm in Millersburg, Pennsylvania.


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