The Girl Behind the Door


The Girl Behind the Door is an inspirational story for children and adults who allow fear to control their lives. Meet Sylvie, a young girl who finds the “what-ifs” of life much too scary to handle. She hides in a small room behind a door, her dreams carefully locked away in a suitcase except for a few precious moments when she lets them run free. Mysterious visitors arrive, each with their own motivations…some encourage her to step outside the door, and some encourage her to stay. Visitors include Curiosity, Love, Self-Pity, Peace, Regret…and, more. The last visitor, The Good Shepherd, fills Sylvie with hope and courage….will He finally help Sylvie live again “beyond the door”? Special section “Beyond the Door” at the end pf the book includes inspirational sayings and quotations from the book.

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The Girl Behind the Door won 1st Place in the 2018 national competition Christian Authors Award. This is a remarkable achievement for a vibrant and talented author who has many years of amazing work ahead of her.



Christie-Miller-AuthorChristie Miller grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where her second-grade teacher sparked her love for storytelling. As a child, she would often be found with her nose in a mystery book or writing short stories where her best friends were the heroes. Ever since then, stories have woven their way into her life through writing plays, performing in and directing theatre productions, or reflecting on life through her blog The Girl Behind the Door is her first book.

Christie graduated from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, with a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry. Since then she has worked for Salt ‘n Light youth ministry—a non-profit that partners with local churches to provide relevant programming and resources for their youth ministries. She works as a creative arts director, seeking to develop creative avenues to portray the gospel through the arts.

As a child and into adulthood, Christie’s parents always encouraged her to be fearless and take risks. This book was a chance for her to come face to face with the kinds of things that have often kept her (and all of us) from leaving the safety of the familiar things in our lives and running fearlessly toward true adventures. Christie hopes to encourage kids, teens, and adults alike, that there is more waiting for them as they overcome their fears and push past their own doors.

When she’s not writing or on the road with Salt ‘n Light, Christie loves hosting her friends for home-cooked meals, going on epic road trips, and wandering old book shops. Christie lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, with her roommate and her faithful cat and writing buddy, Nacho.

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8 to 12, younger children also enjoy the stories and beautiful illustrations