How Do I Pray?


An inspirational poetry book for children, encouraging them to talk to God any time and any place using their own choice of words. Written as if the child is asking questions about how to pray. Author Meg Morgan Hays brings a genuine and heartfelt feeling about “how to pray” to her poem.

  • Mommy and Daddy, how do I pray?
  • What should I ask for and what should I say?
  • Can I get some more toys and a later bedtime?
  • If God hears my prayers, will He give me a sign?
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  • A unique inspirational poem for children and adults to share together
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Activity Pages for interactive fun
  • Wishes From a Butterfly’s Wings to God’s Ears, Legend of the Butterfly



Meg-Hays-AuthorSomewhere between a Yankee, a southern belle, and a Texan, Meg Hays laughs as much as possible throughout her life journey. She is an outgoing, talkative, and fun-loving lady, always striving to create a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. On any given day she can be found hanging out with neighbors and friends, grilling by the pool, hosting parties, and eating out so she doesn’t have to cook.

Meg is the youngest of four girls and was in the first graduating class of the University of Memphis after they changed their name from Memphis State. Even after twenty-plus years, she still struggles with calling her alma mater by its new name.

With a degree in journalism, she has used her talents to write for a newspaper, create marketing materials, freelance for real estate agents, write copy for social media, and create her own blog—God’s Encouragement by Meg (GEM)—every week at

Besides writing poems, articles, blogs, and songs, Meg is one of the lead singers of her church’s contemporary-service band and also sang in a Christian group for several years before she and her husband started their family.

God has given Meg the “gift of gab” and a talent to write. She continues to do her best to use these abilities to help others and promote the Kingdom of God.

Meg lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two sons and shares caretaking responsibilities for her elderly mother with one of her sisters six months a year. She would love to add a yellow Labrador to the family mix, but hasn’t taken the plunge because of the hair that would fill her home! How Do I Pray? is Meg’s first book.

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