Adventures at Green Apple Acres
Book One


Adventures at Green Apple Acres
is a magical place where farm animals live together, face challenges and succeed in overcoming life’s obstacles. In the process, they learn some big life lessons…with the help of their friends, both human and animal.

By using farm animals to illustrate real life situations and weaving a moral into each story, Author, Cynthia A. Sudor, allows young readers to identify with the animals, read how each character faces and navigates each challenge, and in the end, learns a life lesson from the animal’s experience and eventual success.

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Stories in Book One:

"Shiloh and the Barn Mouse”…Confidence

“Bon Bon’s Big Ears”…Accepting Yourself for Who You Are

“Wolfie the Most Beautiful Pony in the World”…True Beauty Comes From the Heart

“Sabrina the Mystery Cat”…Embracing Adventure and Discovery

“Glory Beatrice To the Rescue”…Being a Responsible Person in the Community

And so these were special times at Green Apple Acres, a magical place where adventures are always a moment away, and there are always lessons to be learned!



Cynthia-Sudor-with-SydHaving a vivid imagination from an early age, Cynthia A. Sudor loved reading and imagining the characters in the books she read coming to life. She also loved to draw, especially horses. She often walked to the public library, over a mile from her home in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and then walked home with an armload of books…mostly horse books! Sometimes, on a hot day, she would sit in one of the library’s soft wingback chairs and read for hours until she picked up her books and walked home again. Libraries were a perfect place to read, let her imagination soar, and let the time drift by.

As a young girl, Cynthia and her sister Janet, her brother Rick, and her parents Mary and Milan, would travel to Weston, Pennsylvania, near Hazleton, and spend the weekend with the Evanofski family. It was a thrill to spend the weekend riding their horses, having picnics, and then blissfully sleeping until the next exciting day began. Those weekends inspired Cynthia so much that she would stand at the bay window in the Evanofski’s home, look out at their farm at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and make a wish…a wish to someday have her own home and farm at the foot of some beautiful mountains, with Arabian horses, her favorite horse breed. After many decades, Cynthia’s dream came true. She now lives on a farm with Arabian horses in Grantville, Pennsylvania, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Cynthia rode horses with her father who was a Pennsylvania State Policeman. Every Sunday, she and her sister (her brother wasn’t interested in horses or riding…she couldn’t imagine that!) rode the horses at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy, Hershey, Pennsylvania. Their father set up jumps for them (small ones) and they also went trail riding all over the countryside. Happy memories!

As Cynthia grew up she always remembered her dreams and kept finding ways to make them come true. She graduated from Drexel University, Philadelphia, then worked at Hersheypark®/Arena/Stadium for many years in sales and marketing. She started her own marketing business and then became a founding vice president of sales and marketing, for the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a first-of-its-kind facility with a science center, a performance theater, and an IMAX® theater.

Cynthia was blessed to purchase eighteen acres of land from her ninety-year-old friend, Mrs. Harriet Newlin, a farm woman who lived near her. This was her friend’s last piece of property and she had hoped to sell it to someone who would continue to devote the land to agriculture. On that land Cynthia built the farm of her dreams: bringing her Arabian horses to her very own farm. What an exciting time! One year later, Reina was born. Reina’s sire/father was an Arabian stallion, Damonia Seduction, and her dam/mother was Valle Girl, a Spanish Arabian mare, both were owned by Cynthia and lived with her on her own farm. Cynthia was present for the miracle of Reina’s birth. The name Reina means queen.

Life is full of adventures! Cynthia always wanted to become a children’s writer like Marguerite Henry, author of King of the Wind featuring Sham, an Arabian stallion. These early experiences inspired Cynthia to begin her children’s book series, Adventures at Green Apple Acres. Books One and Two received international awards. She founded CARACYN Publishing to support her own work and to publish books by other authors, one of which won first place in the National Christian Authors Award contest, making her both an award-winning children’s author and an award-winning publisher.

“Believe in your dreams. Work to make them happen and they will happen,” advises Cynthia. “I am proof that dreams do come true! It takes hard work and it might not happen right away, but they do happen.” She hopes that all of her readers have dreams and that they work to make them come true…and to have all of the adventures, excitement, and joy that come with them!  •

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