Adventures at Green Apple Acres Book Seven


Adventures at Green Apple Acres is an award-winning children’s book series by award-winning author and publisher, Cynthia A. Sudor. The adventures continue with Book Seven in the series. Animals on the farm navigate challenges and learn big life lessons as they overcome situations with the help of other animals on the farm. These challenges mirror the ones experienced by children in their own lives. Through these stories readers learn to understand the importance of asking for help, accepting help and appreciating help from others. No animal on the farm is alone when solving their particular challenge….will they ask for help and accept help from other animals? All of the animals are successful in navigating his or her challenges and they learn lessons that will help them in all areas of their lives.

BUY ALL SEVEN Adventures at Green Apple Acres books to complete your set! To read all about the characters and real farm animals visit the Green Apple Acres website.

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Stories in Book Seven:

“Rocky Learns to be a Lucky Cat”…you have to work at being lucky!

“Ronin’s Unique Vision of the World”…having a disability should not interfere with how you live your life and find joy in your life!

“Bobbi Takes an Unexpected Ride”…getting lost is scary enough, not knowing how to find your way home is scarier, you must have hope and never give up!

“Raz, Prince of the Pasture”…don’t judge people, or animals, before you get to know them!

“Diamond and Star, Always Brothers”…losing a friend or family member you love can be hard!

“Saying Goodbye, Special Feature”…how to deal with death, loss and grief in life based on the true story of twin foals Big & Rich!

Each story includes…

  • A moral and lesson for children told through the farm animals’ experiences.
  • Apple Nuggets from Dee Dee, a summary that touches upon the themes and lessons.
  • Apple Niblets, encouraging readers to think about the themes or discuss them with caregivers.
  • Seeds of Wisdom, inspirational quotations that match each story’s theme.
  • Plus Apple Critters, at the end of the book, featuring photos of the real-life animals who inspired the characters.

And so these were special times at Green Apple Acres, a magical place where adventures are always a moment away, and there are always lessons to be learned!



Cynthia-Sudor-with-SydHaving a vivid imagination from an early age, Cynthia A. Sudor loved reading and imagining the characters in the books she read coming to life. She also loved to draw, especially horses. She often walked to the public library, over a mile from her home in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and then walked home with an armload of books…mostly horse books! Sometimes, on a hot day, she would sit in one of the library’s soft wingback chairs and read for hours until she picked up her books and walked home again. Libraries were a perfect place to read, let her imagination soar, and let the time drift by.

Life is full of adventures! Cynthia always wanted to become a children’s writer like Marguerite Henry, author of King of the Wind featuring Sham, an Arabian stallion. These early experiences inspired Cynthia to begin her children’s book series, Adventures at Green Apple Acres. Books One and Two received international awards. She founded CARACYN Publishing to support her own work and to publish books by other authors, one of which won first place in the National Christian Authors Award contest, making her both an award-winning children’s author and an award-winning publisher. “Believe in your dreams. Work to make them happen and they will happen,” advises Cynthia. “I am proof that dreams do come true! It takes hard work and it might not happen right away, but they do happen.” She hopes that all of her readers have dreams and that they work to make them come true…and to have all of the adventures, excitement, and joy that come with them!  •

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8 to 12, younger children also enjoy the stories and beautiful illustrations